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Checklists for Visa Applications

Visa Application Checklists

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This page contains a list of links to visa application document checklists. The links are grouped according to visa category and sorted numerically. Each checklist contains details of the documentation you need to provide in order to lodge a \'complete\' application.

Visitor Visas

Subclass 400 Temporary Work – (Short Stay Activity) Visa

Subclass 600 Visitor Visa (Tourist Stream) 

Subclass 602 Medical Treatment Visa

771 Transit Visa

771 Transit Visa (过境签证材料核对表) (中文/Chinese)


Subclass 600 - Visitor Visa for Nauru Citizens who HAVE travelled to Australia

Subclass 600 - Visitor Visa for Nauru Citizens who have NOT travelled to Australia

Subclass 600 - Visitor visa for Other Nationalities

Temporary Residence

 401 Temporary Work (Long stay Activity)

402 Training and Research

403 Temporary Work (International Relations)

405 Investment Retirement

406 Government Agreement

410 Retirement

411 Exchange

415 Foreign Government Agency

416 Special Program

419 Visiting Academic

420 Temporary Work (Entertainment)

445 Dependant Child

457 Long stay business

461 New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship (Temporary) and additional information

462 Work and Holiday Maker

Student Visas   

Student Checklist

576- AusAID and Defence Sector

Family Migration

100 Partner and additional information

101 Child and additional information

102 Adoption and additional information

114 Aged Dependent Relative and additional information

115 Remaining Relative and additional information

116 Carer and additional information

117 Orphan Relative and additional information

300 Prospective Marriage and additional information

309 Partner (Provisional) and additional information

Resident Return and Australian Citizenship

155 Resident Return Visa

Australian Citizenship by Descent 


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