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Reminder about validity of passports when travelling to Australia

Australia requires that your Australian passport must be valid only for the period of your intended travel in and out of Australia. There is no requirement for your passport to be valid for six months after your travel.



  • Australia boasts one of the world’s most secure passport systems.
  • Maintaining the greatest security and integrity in the Australian passport system is our primary consideration.
  • It protects Australians and their Identity in Australia and all over the world.

Applying for an Australian passport while overseas

For passport information, including applying for or renewing your passport, visit

For a quick guide on the overseas passport application process visit here

The application process includes:



Visit here to create an online passport application.

All passport applications must be lodged in person.  This includes online application checklists.

A child’s passport application must be lodged by a parent or a person with parental responsibility.

Child applicants aged 16 or 17 must also attend but children under 16 are not required to do so.  If you are lodging a child’s application, you must present proof of your own identity that has a photo, signature and residential address.  Visit here for more information on children’s passport applications. 

How to lodge an application

To lodge a passport application, you must make an appointment at the Australian High Commission in Suva. Passport appointments are available between 08:30am – 12:00 noon weekdays (except Public Holidays), and can be booked here.

Please allow at least 30 minutes for the passport interview.

What you need to know before you lodge

When you lodge your application, you may be asked some questions to verify that the information you have provided is complete and correct.

You must present original documents required to support your application; they will be copied and returned to you on the spot.

If you are presenting your current valid passport as proof of your citizenship and identity, it will be physically cancelled and can no longer be used.

Your passport photos will be checked to ensure they are of an acceptable standard

To complete lodgement, you will be asked to pay the relevant passport fee(s) 

The passport interview

Adult passport application 

  • Print your application and sign it (or the application checklist) in black pen
  • Bring two identical colour photos less than six months old and write your name on the back of one photo.  If you are using a full paper application form, the back of the other photo needs to be endorsed by your referee/guarantor
  • Bring your current or most recent Australian passport if you have one.  If you do not bring your valid passport, it will be considered lost or stolen 
  • Gather all the original documents you need to support your application:  for example, a full Australian birth certificate, proof of citizenship, citizenship certificate, any records relating to change of name, and proof of identity
  • If you apply using the online application, the application checklist will list all the documents you need to present.

Child passport application

  • Ensure the application is completed and that the parent’s declaration has been signed in black pen by the person lodging the application
  • If the child is 10 years of age or older, they should sign the application in black pen
  • If you are unable to provide evidence of full parental consent for the child  to be issued with a passport, check what supplementary form(s) you may need to complete and bring when you lodge the application
  • Gather all the original documents you need to support the application:  for example, full Australian birth certificate, proof of citizenship certificate, court orders
  • Bring the child’s current or most recent Australian passport if they have one.  If you do not bring their valid passport it will be considered lost or stolen 
  • Bring two identical colour photos, less than six months old, and ensure one of these has been endorsed on the back by the child’s guarantor 
  • Bring proof of your own identity  that has a photo, signature and residential address
  • Note that if you are lodging a child’s passport application, you cannot apply for the child’s passport overseas if the child is located in Australia or another overseas country.

If we need additional information after lodgement, we will contact you.

Lost or stolen passport?

Report the loss or theft of your passport by calling

  • the Australian Passport Information Service on 131 232 from within Australia
  • the Australian High Commission in Suva, on (+679) 338 2211

More information here.  

 Passport Fees

Click here for a list of passport and notarial fees.

How to book an appointment

Passport services are provided Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) between the hours of 08:30am – 12:00 noon. 

An appointment is required prior to attending the High Commission.  All appointments can be made via our online booking system:

Book Appointment here

If you require further assistance after booking an appointment, you may wish to contact the Australian High Commission at:

Email: [email protected]  
Telephone: (+679) 338 2211                                         

 For further information and online applications please visit Australian Passport Office website.